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ToeJam & Earl Mug

ToeJam & Earl Mug

Regular price $9.99
  • Limited "Kickstarter Edition" Set

  • Ceramic

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Design Based on "Back in the Groove" Game

Drink it in, Eaaaaarrrrrrl!

We all love our funk. Unfortunately, the funk doesn't necessarily arise in us at the same time our body awakes from its intergalactic space travels. Start your day off with an official ToeJam & Earl cup of tea or coffee. Reclaim your inner rapper.

It's the Kickstarter Edition, yo!

When we ran our Kickstarter for "Back in the Groove", we offered an amazing set of figures, limited in quantity, to specific donation tiers. We have just a few left over from the campaign and we're offering them up to the first people that want them. We're not expecting these to last long, so get your piece of history and bring this mug home, today.