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ToeJam & Earl "Yo! Sup!" Hoodie

Regular price $29.99
  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester.

  • Pre-worn by aliens.

  • Keeps you warm when flying near the sun.

  • Design Based on "Back in the Groove" Game

Gimme Gimme!

There's no better gear to get comfy cozy in while playing ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this pull-over hoodie feels out of this world. 

It's the Kickstarter Edition, yo!

When we ran our Kickstarter for "Back in the Groove", we offered an initial run of tees and hoodies, limited in quantity, to specific donation tiers. We have just a few left over from the campaign and we're offering them up to the first people that want them. We're not expecting these to last long, so get your piece of history and show off your love for ToeJam & Earl.